Simon Adams writes alternative songs which come straight out of his life and what he holds most dear: the crossing of chasms in relationship, acceptance, and joy forged in the fire. In listening to a song of his, you'll be taken to a place where you are helped to believe that everything might just be all right after all - that it all adds up to something good. Erik Nilsson of Hitfeeling Music Production says, "Simon's songs are great material and his voice has a unique soul."

Hailing from a tiny town on the south coast of England, Simon has sailed the seas looking for adventure, to the tunes of British Greats (The Beatles, U2). In all his travel, he has tried to learn to love people of many cultures, finding that we all share a heart: a heart that may be touched and inspired by music!

Simon has taught kids in beautiful Indonesia where he met his now-wife, a beautiful Korean. It made perfect sense for him to move to Seoul, Korea and teach. In working with young kids in international settings, Simon has learned to appreciate how there are some things about being human that we can't change; we all need encouragement and grace to get through the struggles of life and we thrive when we receive them. In learning some of the needs even small children have, and how we all might be nurtured and strengthened, Simon's lyrics offer hope to his listeners.

While an artist in his own right, Simon is currently working on producing songs that blend great melody with a modern vibe. Whether for artists, film, or other media looking for quality material, the songs Simon writes are original and powerfully convey emotion. His sounds fuse together the classic songwriting traits of the likes of Paul McCartney/Chris Martin, with an alternative vibe reminiscent of Coldplay or John Mayer. Simon has had the pleasure of working with producer Erik Nilsson (Eminem, Kayne West, Leona Lewis; producer/composer for Major Labels) and is presently working on projects with producers and songwriters in South Korea.

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