From the recordings A Beautiful Way and Simon Adams

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Wrote this one on my motorbike in Indonesia! I'd just asked my now-wife, then friend to go out with me and was riding up a hill almost standing on my bike singing out the first verse far too loudly and with a dangerous amount of self-abandon (she said yes). It really is a beautiful life and sometimes we even feel it.

Music and Lyrics by Simon Adams
Bass - Fahri
Drums - Adit
All other instruments by Simon Adams
Engineered by Dady Lapian
Mixed by Rim Hyoung-Jun
Mastered by Simon Adams


A Beautiful Way
Music and Lyrics by Simon Adams
© 2012 Simon Adams

It’s a Beautiful Way
Walk in it you can’t feel the pain
It’s a Beautiful Way yeah
Walk in it, you’ll find grace upon grace
And this you’ll joyfully say

It’s a Beautiful Truth yeah,
Binding all once apart in you
There’s not one single way no,
That this Truth contradicts Grace
That’s a Beautiful Way

Never to be undone, never to be split from
Never to walk alone, never to needless own
More than my fair share of woe, oh
I can hear my heart breathe this

Always to practice a will of trust,
My heart does taste and is full of grace’s wisdom
Ever to live the same language my heart breathes and seeks
it needs to know it’s kind
But this discovery’s in rest,
Acquiesce your fearful heart and breathe

It’s a Beautiful life yeah
Overflowing out from the heart oh oh oh
We can wonder it’s heights yeah
While remaining on earth below
Remaining in our selves

Never to be misled, never to be just head
Never to quench my self, never my heart suppress
Given this compass I am, oh
I know my heart is this